Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know
  Have you ever thought about changing your job? Some people think about it every day, Maybe they don’t like their boss. But what if you change jobs and your new boss is even worse? It’s better the devil you know.
  David Gilmour
  你曾想過換工作嗎?有些人每天都在想這件事情,可能是他們不喜歡現任的老闆。但是如果你換一個老闆,而新老闆還不如前任老闆呢?你原來的老闆可能並沒有那麼壞。與其和一個你完全不熟悉的人工作還不如選擇一個你瞭解的人。  (原標題:小貼士一則)


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